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Headquartered in Shanghai, ScLashing Shanghai Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, manufacturing, warehousing and selling of marine lashing and lifting products. SCL' plants boast of ISO9000 quality Assurance System, high precision manufacturing facilities, complete testing equipment and comprehensive experience. Besides, the company has acquired ABS approval at customers' request. SCL also provides innovative design and solution on top of standard products to better serve the needs of customers. The company has warehouses in major Chinese ports to ensure on-time delivery of products. SCL has been growing into an important player in the international marine lashing and lifting industry.

Our products

The range of products covers 4 groups, namely Ro-Ro, timber/ general cargo, container fittings and lifting equipment with more than 500 models.

Ro-Ro fittings Lifting equipments

- Lashing points including D-rings and cloverleaves

- Container spreaders

- Lashing chains and components

- Hatch cover lifting gears

-Tension Levers

- Lifting chains

-Turnbuckle and Speedking

- Chain blocks

- Lashing belts

- Safety hooks and shackles

- Wheel chocks

- Master links



Timber/ General cargo fittings Container fixed and loose fittings:

- Lashing points including D-rings and pad eyes

- Deck and hatch cover foundations

- Decklashing chains and connectors

- Lashing points

- Turnbuckles

- Doubling plate

- Lashing wireropes and clips

- Fixed lashing guides

- Wireslings

- Twistlocks, manual and automatic

- Webslings

- Midlocks and stackers

- Shackles

- Lashing rods

- Load binders

- Turnbuckles

- Blocks

- Bridge fittings

- Wooden dunnage & polysheet

- Supports


- Actuator pole and spanner


- Flat racks, storage bins and others

Our Mission To guard the safety of modern shipping with first class product and service.

Our Vision

  • To be the trustworthy partner, the solution provider and the first choice of customer.
  • To be the leader in the marine lashing and lifting industry and new value's finder & producer.
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